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Lovely wedding at ca' bianca dell'abadessa

The wedding of Camilla and Piero was a enchanting journey through love, meticulously crafted details, and picturesque landscapes. The day began with a captivating tour of the B&B that hosted them, a truly stunning place where every corner was carefully designed with attention to the smallest details. Every element contributed to creating a magical and welcoming atmosphere for the guests, foreshadowing the elegance that would characterize the entire event.

The couple themselves were a testament to simplicity and refinement, with attire that reflected their personalities and authentic love. Every choice, from floral decorations to accessories, was a tribute to beauty without extravagance but infused with meaning.

The ceremony took place in a picturesque chapel situated on a hilltop not far from the venue. The location was perfect for celebrating their love, with breathtaking views embracing the surrounding nature. The intimate and romantic atmosphere of the church created the ideal setting to exchange vows and pledge eternal love.

Camilla and Piero's wedding was an unforgettable experience, a journey through genuine emotions and enchanting places. Every moment reflected the care and love with which the couple had planned their special day, making this celebration an everlasting memory of authentic and enduring love. B&B : Ca' Bianca dell'Abadessa, Bologna

Bride's dress: Atelier Emé


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