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Martina Boggian Fotografie


Hey there, it's Martina truly!

I thrive on capturing life's extraordinary moments, especially those dripping with love, raw emotions, a touch of magic, or just the sheer beauty of your day-to-day.

A certified dreamer, I'm all about passion and relishing the things that bring me joy, keep me present, and make me feel truly alive.

What lights up my lens? Creating snapshots that let you dive back into those happy moments, experiencing the same joy and excitement that made them unforgettable.

I've been on this photographic journey for a solid decade, starting way back when I was just a little dreamer. It's been my lifelong wish to turn this passion into my profession.

Every click of my camera is a nod of gratitude for getting to capture people who love, laugh, and believe in the magic of true love. Cheers to a decade behind the lens and many more to come!

Hailing from a tiny village in Bologna, I'm your girl with a serious case of wanderlust. I've got this insatiable craving for exploring new cities and soaking up diverse cultures.

Back in high school, I was all about languages – mastering the art of communication, you know? Ended up rocking my graduation cap at the Alma Mater University right in my hometown.

Now, let's talk passions. Three big ones, actually.

First off, weddings – I'm that camera-wielding ninja capturing all the love-filled moments.

Then, aperitifs – because who doesn't love a good drink with some fabulous photos to match?

Last but not least, my travels – my camera's practically glued to my hand whenever I'm on the move.

So, if you're into love, laughter, cocktails, and a dash of globetrotting, you've just found your photographer !!

Martina Boggian Fotografie
What's behind each photos.
Lighthearted, love, and a touch of magic.


I won't entreat you to assume stiff poses akin to soldiers with strained smiles. Instead, I invite you to embrace, share laughter, dance, jest, and revel in the sheer joy. To enjoy your quality time.

I firmly believe that everyone deserves timeless memories, and to attain this aspiration, I find it paramount to seize each moment in its most genuine and spontaneous essence.

Photo reportage

OUR AIM and our approach 

My mission? Turning the unpredictable into a masterpiece—think sneaky kisses, shy smiles, and hands doing their own sweet dance. When all's said and done, what sticks with you? Emotions, sensations, and my grand plan? Just to whisk you back to those feelings.

I'm all about reportage, where every detail, from the minuscule to the magnificent, is crystallized. Your photos? They'll be the real deal—authentic and oh-so aesthetically pleasing. Get ready to relive the magic!

Party wedding in Lousanne
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