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Mexican - italian wedding at rocca isolani

Andrea and Elisa's wedding unfolded as an elegant celebration, meticulously curated down to the smallest detail. The setting was a picturesque backdrop, with a sophisticated venue that spoke volumes on its own. The day commenced with an air of tranquility and joy in their respective preparation spaces. Andrea, resplendent in his dark suit and wearing a radiant smile, attended to every detail of his appearance. The anticipation gradually gave way to the realization that this day would be unforgettable.

Elisa, on the other hand, prepared in a dream-like gown that embraced her with sophistication. Her refined style was evident in every choice, from perfectly coiffed hair to the delicate hues of makeup that accentuated her natural beauty. The ceremony took place in a enchanting location, with every detail carefully orchestrated. Guests were greeted by a setting that exuded sophistication, adorned with lush flowers and soft lighting that created a magical atmosphere. The celebration continued under the stars, with a lively dance floor pulsating with engaging music that kept guests dancing into the night. Andrea and Elisa's wedding remained etched as an elegant celebration, where every detail contributed to creating an indelible memory of shared love, sophistication, and joy.

VENDORS: PLANNER @altrosensoeventi

FLOWERS @le_ragazze_di_flo

SERVICE @pantheonservice

LOCATION @isolaniworld

DJ @andreabaxbassoli


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